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La foto
4 December 2009

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Colores de Burano
22 December 2011

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La tormenta
8 November 2008

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5 November 2008

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Castillo de Bellver
18 October 2008

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Unas rosas
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

Langevine on Ciudad Jardín

Steve Rice on Ciudad Jardín
A lovely image of the surf and ship.

Sof on Ciudad Jardín
Très beau

Dimitrios on Ciudad Jardín
very good

Langevine on Tejidos
très riche en couleurs

Steve Rice on Tejidos
Lots of nice bright colors.

Steve Rice on El Borne
A gorgeous mall for walking and exploring the city.

Steve Rice on Atarazanas
A lovely port scene.

Langevine on El Borne

Langevine on Atarazanas

Langevine on La playa
oh excellent

Steve Rice on La playa
The beach all to themselves. Cool shot.

Langevine on Estación de Abando

Steve Rice on Estación de Abando
A fabulous wall.

omid on Estación de Abando
very nice shot with beautifu frame, colors, lighting & details! Amazing!

grouser on Estación de Abando

Langevine on Rolls Royce

Steve Rice on Rolls Royce
No wonder that guy is all smiles. ;-)

Bruce on Rolls Royce
Interesting and nice photo of the car. I like your use of the person to give it life.

Langevine on Old friend

Steve Rice on Old friend
A fine looking old timer.

Langevine on Palma racionalismo

Steve Rice on Palma racionalismo
I like the rounded corners. An excellent photo.

Langevine on Palma Modernismo

Steve Rice on Palma Modernismo
Charming architecture and image.

Langevine on Palma Modernismo

Steve Rice on Palma Modernismo
Wonderful architecture. An excellent image.

Langevine on Palma Modernismo

Steve Rice on Palma Modernismo
Lovely architecture!

Langevine on Lizeth

Langevine on Jazmín
génial les yeux

Steve Rice on Jazmín
A devilishly delightful portrait.

Steve Rice on Natalia

Langevine on Natalia

Langevine on Al piano
intéressant ce truc derrière elle

Steve Rice on Montse

Langevine on Montse
superbe les yeux

Langevine on Montse

Steve Rice on Montse

Langevine on Jessica
j'aime bien aussi les lèvres

Steve Rice on Jessica

Langevine on Natalia

Steve Rice on Natalia
A sweet portrait.

Langevine on Lizeth

maximage on Natalia
Magnifique portrait! Un visage splendide!

Sergei Z on Natalia

Steve Rice on Lizeth
Nice work.

Langevine on Lizeth
génial les yeux

Steve Rice on Lizeth
Nice smile.

Langevine on Lizeth
belle robe

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