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Rolling Tobacco
15 November 2017

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23 June 2018

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La tormenta
8 November 2008

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5 November 2008

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Castillo de Bellver
18 October 2008

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Unas rosas
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Setas
bien ce duo

Existence Artistique on Peligrosa

Existence Artistique on Setas
bien la forme

Ana Lúcia on Setas
This looks an exceptionally robust variety!

Steve Rice on Rojas

Existence Artistique on Rojas

Nina on Rojas
beautifully captured

Steve Rice on Mushroom

Existence Artistique on Mushroom
bien penché

Steve Rice on La seta
The mushroom will emerge right here! Cool find.

Existence Artistique on La seta

Steve Rice on El camino
A neat low angle image.

Existence Artistique on El camino

Steve Rice on El Capricho
Happy chefs.

Existence Artistique on El Capricho

Steve Rice on Urederra
Beautiful. The color of the water is quite nice.

Existence Artistique on Urederra

Steve Rice on Reflejos
Beautiful reflections.

Existence Artistique on Reflejos
Intéressant ces Bleus

Steve Rice on León
Colorful building!

omid on León
such beautiful composition & graphics! Lovely colors.

Existence Artistique on León
c'est une belle recherche

Dimitrios on León

Steve Rice on La Habana
An excellent portrait of this most interesting lady.

Existence Artistique on La Habana

beach on La Habana
She is a queen.

Steve Rice on Pesquero
Impressive ship.

Steve Rice on Blue
Oh, this is cool!

Steve Rice on Kursaal
A beautiful B&W.

Existence Artistique on Kursaal
oh bon travail

Luca Bobbiesi on Kursaal
Really a nice work here!

rbassin on Blue
un bon point de vue

Existence Artistique on Blue

Existence Artistique on Pesquero
c'est superbe cette recherche

Steve Rice on Donostia
A beautiful rain dial. ;-)

Existence Artistique on Donostia

Steve Rice on Cobre
A wonderful scene with the large copper pot.

Zsákai Péter on Composición
very good abstract.

Existence Artistique on Cobre

Steve Rice on Palacio de cristal, Madrid
A gorgeous palace and image.

Dimitrios on Palacio de cristal, Madrid

Existence Artistique on Palacio de cristal, Madrid

Steve Rice on Las Arenas, Valencia
An interesting pattern requiring a lot of effort.

Ronnie 2¢ on Las Arenas, Valencia
A lot of work and imagination has gone into this setting - very effective.

Existence Artistique on Las Arenas, Valencia
Superbe ce graphisme

Steve Rice on Rojo Campari
A colorful refreshment.

Existence Artistique on Rojo Campari
Superbe cette couleur

Steve Rice on Rosa bicolor
A stunning rose.

Existence Artistique on Rosa bicolor

Alimohammad on Rosa bicolor
So Nice

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