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La tormenta
8 November 2008

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5 November 2008

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Castillo de Bellver
18 October 2008

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Unas rosas
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

Ehsan Hemmati on Portrait
Congratulations on your Spotlight!

Steve Rice on Chitenango falls
Beautiful falls! The sound must be something else.

Denise on Portrait
Very interesting work. I really like the textures and contrasts. Congratulations on the Spotlight, well deserved!

Ronnie 2¢ on Chitenango falls
Glorious . . I try to imaging the sound !

Existence Artistique on Chitenango falls

Ronnie 2¢ on Portrait
. . and so good to see this in the Spotlight - excellent !

Aubélia on Portrait
Congratulations on the spotlight ! Wonderful portrait.

Marcel P. on Chitenango falls
la "chute" d'eau, dans sa violence contenue.

Steve Rice on Portrait
Congratulations on the Spotlight!

Steve Rice on Portrait

omid on Portrait
A M A Z I N G !

omid on Portrait
very nice shot! Amazing portrait. ... & Congratulations! :)

Existence Artistique on Portrait
génial avec ses bras

Ralf Kesper on Portrait
Unusual ...and just good by that.

Olivier P on Portrait
J'adore cette prise !!! Bien joué !

beach on Portrait
Nicely done. I like how the hair and the wool seem to match.

Hiro on Portrait
So creative !

Ronnie 2¢ on Portrait
Just as valid as the alternative side !

Existence Artistique on Portrait
bel effet

Ralf Kesper on Portrait
This is pretty cool!

Steve Rice on Portrait
Lovely, very lovely.

Steve Rice on Nenúfares
Gorgeous blonde locks, too. ;-)

marije on Nenúfares
la nymphe sortie du tableau !

Ronnie 2¢ on Nenúfares
Just as you had the water-lilies all set, this happens . . and you get a prize picture !

Existence Artistique on Nenúfares

Steve Rice on Seta

beach on Seta

Existence Artistique on Seta
c'est du bon travail

Marcel P. on Seta
très bien photographié.

Ralf Kesper on Seta
Beautiful macro. Perfect dept of fields.

Steve Rice on Setas
The Three Amigos.

Existence Artistique on Setas

Steve Rice on Seta
A flying saucer!

Photon on Seta
something interesting to see ....

Ralf Kesper on Seta
Very nice macro.

Existence Artistique on Seta
une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on Setas
Big ones.

Existence Artistique on Setas
bien ce trio

Steve Rice on Orella d'ase
Strange and beautiful.

Existence Artistique on Orella d'ase

Photon on Chitenango falls
very beautifully captured ....

Photon on Flores violeta

Photon on Cactus

Photon on Piñas
really cool stuff .....

Photon on Orella d'ase
wow...a new thing to learn about ....

Steve Rice on Árbol
A hard life for this tree.

Existence Artistique on Árbol

Steve Rice on Piñas
Ha ha, beautiful.

Existence Artistique on Piñas

beach on Piñas

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