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Rolling Tobacco
15 November 2017

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23 June 2018

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La tormenta
8 November 2008

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5 November 2008

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Castillo de Bellver
18 October 2008

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Unas rosas
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Pistilos
oh excellent

Michael Skorulski on Pistilos

Steve Rice on My other computer
Fancy pencils.

Jean-Luc.M on My other computer
This one will never run out of battery. :-) Nice pencils.

Existence Artistique on My other computer

Michael Skorulski on My other computer
They look so exclusive.

Existence Artistique on Navegando

Steve Rice on Navegando
Sail away.

Steve Rice on Monumento 11 M

Michael Skorulski on Monumento 11 M
Excellent and original.

Existence Artistique on Monumento 11 M

Steve Rice on El abrazo, Juan Genovés
A lovely shot of the sculpture.

Existence Artistique on El abrazo, Juan Genovés

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj
Excellent detail.

Luca Bobbiesi on Igor Mitoraj
Wonderful shot!!!

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj
Interesting art.

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj
superbe ces lèvres

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj

Michael Skorulski on Igor Mitoraj
Very intriguing.

Steve Rice on Igor Mitoraj
An excellent sculpture.

Existence Artistique on Igor Mitoraj

Steve Rice on Autorretrato
Lovely photo.

Existence Artistique on Autorretrato

Dimitrios on Autorretrato

Michael Skorulski on Autorretrato

Existence Artistique on Paco
superbe le regard

Steve Rice on Paco
An excellent self-portrait.

Existence Artistique on Pep
beau regard

Steve Rice on Pep

Steve Rice on Ramón
Another cool portrait.

Existence Artistique on Ramón
bien beau

Existence Artistique on El fotógrafo

Steve Rice on El fotógrafo
Excellent portrait.

Michael Skorulski on El fotógrafo
Great portrait.

Steve Rice on Guiem
A fine portrait.

Steve Rice on Golondrina
A beautiful sunset with the colors and swallows.

Existence Artistique on Golondrina
belle lumière

Steve Rice on Atarazanas
A beautiful scene.

Existence Artistique on Atarazanas

Blikvanger on Atarazanas
Nice scene

rbassin on Atarazanas
une belle composition, bonnes couleurs.

Nina on La Habana
interesting composition

Nina on Escaleras Caixafòrum Madrid
superb perspective

Nina on Autorretrato
very nice b/w picture

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